19/8. Roastfish & Cornbread / Ustelt / Jah Tea: Crucial Sundays!

oslo dub club & haus bakgården presents

Crucial Sunday! Live reggae jam, dub yoga & sound session!
At hausmania backayard!

Easy sound play & a dubby yoga corner the first 2 hours.
Roots jam-session with USTELT from around 1800.
Harder roots & sunday steppas by roastfish & cornbread family the last hours.

love & only love in the arena

free entry / donations! id 18 but kid friendly in the early hours

11/8 MAD Pressenterer: Thomas Toget stuck in Oslo

Hei godtfolk :)

Da er det på tide med 5 års jubileum for MadTrain!
Det blir ikke noe tog ut i verden i år, men desto bedre lineup :)

Vi blir i oslo sentrum i en fantastisk bakgår som tar 600 pers.

Det blir fokus på Berlin´s beste artister og klubber å følelsen av å være på utenlandstur kommer til å være stor!

Vi har god dialog med KaterMukke, Vamos Music, Bacanali, Robert Johnson Label og vi ser frem til en lineup med live artister og store DJs fra de baltiske øyer til Berlins kjerne ;)

Det blir masse aktiviteter, live art´s, god mat og utrolige omgivelser og ikke minst en musikalsk opplevese du vil ta med deg livet ut ♥

LineUp MainStage:
Robert Johnson club founder; ATA (Playhouse / Klang / Ongaku)
Esther Silex (Goys & Birls / Kater Blau)
Crussen (Underyourskin Records / Caboose Records)
Nils Noa (Troll Records)
Charlie Roennez (Vamos Music / Check-In Recordings / HedKandi)
TeeKay (MadTrain / MusicArtDesign)
Wilhem (Schwimmel Records)

Lineup DarkRoom:

Narcis Junior (Decoded Records)
Nilseus (Blindfold Recordings / Ardor / Doppelgeanger / Frequenza)
Acke Peiling Vs Michael Jaeger (Hood Drunk / Ghetto Tekkit)
Jocko Loko (Schwimmel Records)
NeoV (Cirka Loka / Small Records)
Vari Loves
Paul White (The Villa / Cockheart Club / Morning Beat)


15:00-16:00 Hausband (LIVE ACT)
16:00-17:00 Vari Loves
17:00-18:00 Dromedar (LIVE ACT)
18:00-19:00 Nils Noa
19:00-20:00 Crussen
20:00-21:00 Esther Silex
21:00-23:00 ATA


18:00-19:00 Jocko Loco
19:00-20:00 Paul V
20:00-21:00 Bull & Peace
21:00-22:30 Ache B2B Michael jaeger
22:30-23:30 Charlie Roennez
23:30-01:00 Wilhelm VS TeeKay
01:00-02:00 Neove
02:00-03:00 Nilseus
03:00-04:00 Narcis

Live Art:

MAD - Music Art Design



Same Shit Burgers
Vegaen Beauties

Billetter er sluppet og går som ill i tørt gress!

Tier 1 - 259,- (Utsolgt)
Tier 2 - 299- (tom 29.7.18 eller så lenge det rekker, 250 stk)
Tier 3 - 359,- (Dørsalg)

Artist info:


Ata is a DJ and founder of the labels Playhouse, Klang, Ongaku. He also runs the 250-capacity Robert Johnson club in Offenbach, Frankfurt-Am-Main, one of the world’s premier techno clubs.

Ata started DJing in the late eighties. In 1992 he founded the record shop Delirium with Heiko Schäfer, aka Heiko M/S/O, where he established the labels Ongaku Musik, Klang Elektronik and Playhouse in 1993. Together with Heiko Schäfer and Jörg Henze, he DJed variously as Delirium Posse, Heiko & Ata, Ata & Jörg and Heiko & Jörg.

Beside DJing, Ata founded the first ‘real’ clubnight in Frankfurt for modern house and deep house, the Wild Pitch Club at the Nachtleben-Club. After years of parties he closed the concept and opened the Robert-Johnson 1999. Through the DJ he has booked, his own DJ sets and the club itself, he made the Robert-Johnson to one of the most important clubs worldwide for electronic music.





Esther Silex

Esther Silex – deejay extraordinaire,
Colognian woman-about-town and very dear new addition to the Studio Barnhus family. She has an unquestionable status as an impassioned powerhouse with enough West German swagger to create timeless music with equal..

“Dance, dance otherwise we are lost” the larger than life modern dance choreographer and ballet director Pina Bausch once said. The Cologne based DJ and producer Esther Silex deeply believes in those words of wisdom and took the statement as one of many inspirations behind her debut EP “Pachamama” for Sweden’s finest free spirited electronic music label Studio Barnhus.

The EP title refers to the old mother earth goddess of the indigenous people of the Andes, who is an independent deity that has her own creative power to sustain life on planet earth. For Silex she is a divineness that follows her on each and every step as a female with groove in her heart.

After a nomadic upbringing all around Europe she started to play records at the tender age of 17 and quickly became an integral part of Cologne’s house and techno scene. Her sets are anything but predictable, with an eclectic selection that somehow weaves seamlessly through techno and house to soul, funk, afro and disco. The three tracks named ‘Hans’, ‘Heinrich’ and ‘Oskar’ of her debut release, reflect this musical diversity and don’t adhere to any formula, whilst remaining entirely and explosively dance floor friendly.




Narcis Junior

Narcis Junior is one of the pionners of electronic music in his home country, Bosnia and Herzegovina. His first dj skills were in Lonodn’s underground clubs in mid 90’s. Sets that he is performing are full of energy and no one can remain unaffected.
Also his production has been described by one of the leading record labels in Europe, Decoded Records: ”His styles with crisp, modern production are always oriented to the dancefloor! We are really happy to have him on board once again.”
His EP ”In CV we trust” was no. 1 and top selling EP on juno.co.uk for 4 weeks. Soon after that he was booked all over the Europe.
As well he was promoting parties in his home town bringing some of the finest and world famous DJ’s like: Umek, Valentino Kanzyani, Kevin Saunderson, La Dida, Barry Asworth, DJ Preach, etc.
Narcis Junior signed up a contract with one of the leading labels in Europe, Decoded Records.
For more then decade Narcis Junior is working with Jonny Wilson aka Eclectic Method. Between them they did offical Rmx’s for U2, Fatboyslim, Benny Benassi, Chuck D(Public Enemy) and Dub Pistols.

Played with with dj’s: Kevin Saunderson, Damon Wild, Green Velvet, Deetron, Gayle Sun, Richie Hawtin, Brenda Russell, Robert Leiner, Oxia, Cold Cut, Barry Ashworth, Umek, Paco Osuna, Pauli Steinbach, Funk D Void, Xpress2, Mr.C, Juan Atkins, Valentino Kanzyani,Marko Nastic, Marko Milosavljevic, Relic, Southsonics, Akira Ishihara, Virgin Helena etc…


Charlie Roennez

Roennez`s love for music began at an early age when he was exposed to a vast variety of music as a youth. Roennez was provided with a unique musical base filled with selections from every genre of music. At the age of sixteen, Roennez started as a dj building his own collection that included all types of music ranging from traditional to hitlist music and then experimented with his taste by playing his chosen selections in genres like house, r&b and dancemusic. By college he honed his natural given talent for selecting and playing music by working as a dj for events & nightclubs.

Past the years Roennez have build an competence in music by running a music store for 4 years and been working in the nightclub industry the past 17 years working his way up to leader position. And all the way the music has followed him.

During this years playing as often as possible as a dj..
And do still…

Roennez `s lidenskap for musikk begynte i ung alder da han lyttet til et stort utvalg av musikk som ungdom. Roennez var utstyrt med en unik musikalsk base fylt med utvalg fra alle sjangre av musikk. I en alder av seksten begynte Roennez som dj å bygge sin egen samling som inkluderte alle typer musikk som spenner seg fra det tradisjonelle til hitlistemusikk og eksperimenterte med egen smak sin ved å spille sine favorittsjangere som house, r&b og dancemusic. Med årene har han finpusset dette, ved å spille som dj for utallige arrangementer og nattklubber rundt om i Norge.

Siste årene har Roennez bygd en kompetanse i musikk ved å drive en musikkbutikk i 4 år og jobbet i utelivsbransjen de siste 17 årene og arbeidet seg opp til ledende posisjoner. Og hele veien musikken har fulgt ham.

Craft records
Smash Music
Vamos Music // Check-In Recordings
Phoenix records

Baccanali Ibiza resident




Instagram: charlieroennez



Wilhelm a Tanzanian/Swedish. Now Oslo based DJ/producer.
Has since he was a kiddo had a big interest & passion in all kind’s of music.
It started out in the 90s with italo disco, house n dance. After a few years with with rnb & hip hop he found his way to punk, ska, 2-step & reggae in the late teens.

But now he is clearly starting to find his own sound. And the path is mostly minimalistic, deep, groovy with a slight touch of disco. With a group of friends I ran a dj crew from 5th-7th grade, we built everything from the cd racks to the speakers. Then we played on different occasions mostly youth clubs. After then the interest never really grew until I moved back to Oslo.

Spent last summer at Ibiza, playing at Various Clubs and villas around the Island. Such as Plastik & Ocean beach. I am a frequent raver and a true supporter of the scene, who loves to travel the world listening to music.

That has and is going to keep evolving my musical exploration.





Et resultat av Sydney´s åpne og yrende klubbscene, og en norsk dog varmblodig minimalist. Vari Loves vant Burn Residency Comp i 2013 og har spilt, booket og arrangert fester i Sydney, Paris, Hamburg og vår egen kjære Oslo de siste 8 årene. Hun viser deg sjelen bak spillerne og spiller tidløs atmosfærisk-techno/house til å bli forelsket i! Forvent deg noe deilig.




Nilseus is an Oslo based underground producer with something of an ear for a tune. Since moving from his hometown of Budapest, he started to working on he’s project, and released some tunes on Blindfold Recordings, Ardor, Doppelgeanger, Frequenza, and he’s upcoming EP called Myra, will coming soon on John Digweed’s Bedrock Records. He also collaborate with Collective Machine, and they are releasing a single on 8Bit, which is coming on the end of November.




« I see, smell, hear, taste and feel and let the impressions marinate in curiosity, laughter and contemplation until they burst out through my finger tips. Sometimes I’m surprised – most of the times I’m smiling. »

On an icy cold but sunny bright February morning, Robbin was born in the southern town Ystad, Sweden. Running around doing flips and cartwheels was combined with playing the French horn in an orchestra and drumming in a hardcore punk band. After music high school Crussen was away from it for a few years until he picked it up again when having moved to Oslo, Norway in 2005. Producing became daily activity two years of sound design studies in Oslo lead to a bachelor in Popular Music and Record Production in Southampton, UK. This was followed by a master’s degree in the same field at Kingston University, London.





Any standard DJ Biography extols the virtues of it’s subject so avoiding clichés is a difficult one, especially when considering an artist like Norway’s Nils Noa who has followed a similar path as many but has done so with fantastic success.

Currently the co-owner of Troll Records alongside fellow Norwegian Christian Sol as well as a DJ/Booker at Oslo’s superb The Villa, Nils Noa has had a multifaceted career which has seen him develop a teenage passion of electronic music beautifully. It’s likely that his few years of playing high-level football (soccer) in Norway, or his years in electronic/pop act Bermuda Triangle that has created a firm resolve and work ethic for Nils Noa but it’s a certainty that resolve and work ethic, alongside passion and talent, have played a huge part in his career.

Driven by a varied and non-discrimantory vinyl addition as well as the age old fake-ID fuelled trips to the local house music mecca (in this case the legendary deep house night Skansen and it’s DJ G-Ha – now a respectful colleague of Noa), Nils started his first night as soon as he was old enough. Monkey Business (an apt title for a night created by the playful Oslo resident) quickly became an internationally recognised affair as well as a local hit and Djs such as Paul Woolford, Yousef, James Zabiela, Nic Fanciulli and many more passed through its doors – in most cases before they became the household names they are now.

During the Monkey Business period Nils started to win international support, even becoming the youngest artists to grace The Essential Mix turntables at the time. A steadily increasing schedule marked the end of Monkey Business but the beginning of an exciting stage that to date has seen Nils play in over 20 countries worldwide.

Balancing touring, The Villa, Troll and a burgeoning production schedule has been second nature and now Nils is an artist that can be banked on. His music is frequently winning support from a cross section of Djs and there’s an feeling of more success to come.

Beatport profile:





Dromedar is an Oslo based trio, well recognized for their hard hitting and mesmerizing live shows in the cross between art-rock, bass funk, psychedelic rapture, and jazz sensible activist punk. (Other times mythical-poetical (Tommy Olsson).
On the upcoming album “Human Condition,” which apart from the debut relies heavily on analog synthesizers, the group is expanding their musical playground with dada mix style fusion dance music, bringing expulsion of corrupted xenophobic forces into sudden ritualistic behaviour.
The group’s novel utilization of a wide spectrum of influences and their visually striking shows makes Dromader one of the promising up-and-coming bands to emerge from the underground music scene of Oslo in later years.



Acke Peiling Og Michael Jaeger

To loka dudes med caps å lue, Acke Peiling og Jæger, spiller sleskig techno imens den ene svetter ut gårsdagens moro og den andre lurer på om det er hans eget, eller kidden sitt spy han har på skjorta.
Sammen har de spilt masse gigs de såvidt husker på steder som ikke finnes lengre, og et par gigs som ikke finnes lengre på steder de ikke husker. På fritiden lager de frekke bootlegs og ghetto-tech med fryktelig bass å housa hihats. Og barn, tydeligvis. Mvh Hood Drunk
https://soundcloud.com/hood-drunk https://soundcloud.com/shiftshape https://soundcloud.com/jaeger-music


29/6 Helt Ute! presenterer filmvisning og intro av Pjotr Sapegin

Helt Ute! i bakgården på Hausmania presenterer en filmvisning og prat med regissøren Pjotr Sapegin. Uteserveringa starter 17.00 og filmen starter 18.00 inne på Flerbrukshallen. Etterpå går vi ut og nyter Reggae i bakgården ut kvelden i regi av Oslo Dub Club. En live opptreden ryktes det også om.

Regissør og animasjonsfilmskaper Pjotr Sapegin viser et utvalg av sine kortfilmer.
To ganger Amandavinner Pjotr Sapegin arbeider for tida med sin neste animasjonsfilm på Hausmania og vil her vise noen av sine kortfilmer og snakke om arbeidet bak filmene. Han vil vise fire av sine beste filmer som har mottatt 101 internasjonale priser: “Huset på Kampen”, “Aria”, “Gjennom mine tykke briller” og “Det siste norske trollet”.

29/6 Roastfish & Cornbread i Haus-Bakgården / early session

Hausmania backyard early session friday june 29:::

Roastfish & Cornbread with full sound system & crew
Live appearance by MC Jah Tea +TBC
Roots reggae, steppas & dubwise
Word - Sound - Power
Food & shelter
Strikkly niceness & upfull vibes

18-1900: Cinema inside + dubwise yoga outside!
Yoga session led by Anders Einemo

ID: 18 - CC: Free / donations. Welcome!
Licenced bar - no bags
Security tight but polite!

22/6 Helt Ute! presenterer Slampoesi, konserter og jam!

Helt Ute! i bakgården på Hausmania presenterer denne helgen
en strøm av improvisasjon i mer eller mindre kjente lyd/tekstlandskap;
slampoesi og jam på folkespråket.

Klokka 17.00 åpner vi uteserveringa og artisteriet starter 19.00.

Her er en event for hele juniprogrammet “Helt Ute!”

17.00 - uteserveringa åpner

19.00 - 23.00 - Slampoesi + åpen mic. (Tekster i ulike sjangre og med band om
ønskelig) Påmelding fra 18.30.

19.00 - 23.00 - Anja Bibby Jazz & Jangle

23.30 uteservering stenger

Cc 50,-

21.00 - 03.00 - FØNIKS elektroklubb i Flerbrukshallen


Regine Folkman Rossnes

er en norsk scenekunstner, slampoet og tekstforfatter fra Oslo. Høsten 2014 ble
hun introdusert for slampoesi i Cafeteatret, som nå er en stor lidenskap for
henne. Hun jobber for at flere skal bli introdusert for slampoesi, og opptrer
gjerne på arrangementer og arenaer der dette ikke er en så vanlig uttrykksform.
Regine har blant annet deltatt på Miss Manillusion Got Talent 2017, og den
første markeringen av #metoo
i Norge. Høsten 2017 fikk hun skriveopphold og stipend ved Akershus Teater, via
prosjektet ungTEKSTakershus for videreutvikling av tekst innen scene. Til
høsten blir skuespillet «Blottlagt» publisert i en samlebok med tekster fra
denne satsningen.

Oda Aunan

er utdannet skuespiller, med en BA fra Australia. Der var hun med som utvikler
av og aktør i flere forestillinger som blant annet Afterwards we’ll go away,
Heart of Gold og The Rusalka thread. Til slutt flyttet hun hjem igjen, fikk seg
en mastergrad på KHIO og har de siste årene drevet med SLAMpoesi. Hun er og en
del av SLAMkollektivet.

Anja Bibby Jazz & Jangle

spiller standard jazz fra 30 / 50 tallet.

Anja Bibby, vokal

Linda Stormo, trommer

Torbjørn Holte, bass

Tommy Stensrud, piano

Elektroklubb med FØNIKS
NIKS er tilbake! Plassert i kulturhuset Hausmanias nye flerbrukshall med lyd fra Roastfish & Cornbread sound system er scenen satt for et fantastisk konsert- og klubbprogram.

Med fokus på nyskapende elektronisk musikk booker vi det vi mener er de beste musikerne og DJene akkurat nå. Vi ser frem til å ta deg med på en kveld med pulserende elektronisk musikk av aller beste sort. Bli med ut av asken og inn i ilden.
Se egen event her: https://www.facebook.com/events/244521412949456/

15/6 The Mighty JAH Observer (JA)


//////////// SOUND SYSTEM (ja) ////////////

After last years great session at Hausmania flerbrukshall, Austin “Spiderman”
Palmer returns again for a crucial session you can’t miss!

The Mighty Jah Observer original valve sound system is a family sound and a
legend of the roots and culture scene. First named Tippertone and played mainly
lovers rock in the beginning. As the members got older and adapted a more
conscious awareness of life, this also reflected in their music. Jah Observer
was one of the veteran sounds at Nottinghill carnival and the first reggae
soundsystem to play at punk music festivals.

After being active in the UK soundsystem scene for more than 40 years, Austin
and wife Tracey decided to move back to Jamaica, now living a farmers life in Clarendon
and occasionally playing at Kingston Dub Club. Roots lovers all over the world
still want The Mighty JAH Observer to entertain the crowd and we are honored to
welcome Austin back to Oslo.

Expect strictly vinyl selection with serious vibes and dubplates from some of
the best producers in reggae history!

Sound system provided by your local:


// cc:160, - // 22-03 // id: 18 //

Make it a date and don’t be late!!!


15-16/6 Bakgårdsfest

Velkommen til bakgårdsfestival hos Hausmania den 15. og 16. juni!

Bakgården og uteserveringa åpner klokka 17:00 og vi har enkel matservering og billig øl utover hele kvelden!

Det er koster 50,- å komme inn og alle pengene fra billettsalget går uavkortet til artistene - STØTT DINE LOKALE ARTISTER DENNE HELGA!

Det vil også være andre kulturelle happenings under festivalen og om du er nysgjerrig på å bidra med noe, ta kontakt her på facebook!


Ulriks Jazzband


DJ Anders Lyngen
Flex Hart
Patrick Granly
Wade & Pojan

Arrangementet er et samarbeid mellom Hausmania og MERK Norge - av, med og for unge Oslo-borgere!

9/6-2018- Stilleben & Repress

Stilleben & Repress, to kortfilmer av Chris Erichsen + konserter

- Uteservering i bakgården fra 17.00
- Konserter i bakgården 20.00 (50,-) https://www.facebook.com/events/2032582643728898/

Det vil også henge en gjeng spilleglade marokkanere som promoterer sine kurs i å lære musikken dems. (Den gjengen spilte på Hausmaniafestivalen, og vant. De spiller igjen 14.juni)

8- 9/6 Oslo Beikmørke/Hausmania bakgårdsfest

Hausmania slår på stortromma og skal prøve å fylle så godt
som hele sommeren med aktiviteter i bakgården. Oslo Beikmørke er blitt
forespurt å hjelpe til med band for denne helgen - det blir ikke det sedvalige
totale mørke, vi er også påvirka av den sinnsyke sola der oppe. Så forvent en
nydelig potpurri av band og artister fra scena i bakgården på Hausmania denne
helga! Skjenkebevilling - bring your cash!


20.00: BEEATSZ v2.099

21.00: Sun Dweller

22.00: Taiga Woods.


19.00 Filmvisning og intro i Flerbrukshallen av Chris Eriksen

20.00: Øde

21.00: Kosmos Brenner

22.00 Underworld Of Disease



- Uteservering i bakgården fra 17.00


- Konserter i bakgården 20.00 (50,-) https://www.facebook.com/events/2032582643728898/

Det vil også henge en gjeng spilleglade marokkanere som promoterer sine kurs i
å lære musikken dems. (Den gjengen spilte på Hausmaniafestivalen, og vant. De
spiller igjen 14.juni)

TAIGA WOODS: Heftig, lett psykedelisk stonerrock som lett kunne varma opp for
Queens of the stone age på verdensturne. Folk fra blant annet Hymn, Lonely
Kamel og Astrosaur.

ØDE er en relativt fersk duo fra Oslos østkant bestående av folk med lang
fartstid i byens musikkmiljø, og som har overraska alt fra pønkere rundt bålet
i skogen til hardbarka metallhuer innafor ring tre i Oslogryta. Det er tungt,
det er instrumentalt, det er DOOM slik vi liker det!

UNDERWORLD OF DISEASE er bandet du mest sannsynlig ikke har sett live, og har
du sett de live er du enten livredd for å se de en gang til eller også kommer
du løpende lørdag 9.juni for å se de opptre i bakgården på Hausmania. Dette er
improvisert støymetall/doom du sjelden har hørt maken til.

SUN DWELLER er en støyduo fra Oslo bestående av unge, lovende musikere befridd
fra den tradisjonelle musikkens tvangstrøye. Du har ikke hørt det før, og du
kommer ikke til å høre det samme en gang til. Vi lover.

BEEATSZ er prosjektet til Utku, fyren som arrangerer støyturnê året rundt.
Forvent hva som helst!

KOSMOS BRENNER. Varma opp for Acid King på John Dee, enough said.

Vi tar skarve 50 kroner i døra, som utelukkende vil gå til banda.


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