2/12 Body-voice method of voice training with Kazehito Seki

RFORKOMFORT #11 presents:
Body-voice method of voice training (Introduction course)
Instructor: Kazehito Seki (an amplified voice artist, noise musician, voice trainer, etc, from Tokyo.)

240 minutes.

Maximum / Minimum number of trainees:
Maximum: 10 / Minimum: 1

I speak English or Japanese.

Recommended 500 NOK
Name your price in between 30 - 100 NOK

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🌑🌑🌑Body-voice method
is the simplest way for vocalisation. It lets you notice how your body can naturally vocalise. All you need is just to focus on each breath, each moment of the state of your body and mind, and then, just let it go.

Vocalisation is a general function of human as an animal. However it is a technically highly complicated and sophisticated function. Our body already/originally has and knows how to use such a great function. Most of us can normally talk to another person with precisely appropriate volume, direction, and tension. When you speak, the sound of your voice is unconsciously/automatically tuned up very accurate by your body.

🌑🌑🌑How does the workshop go?
🌑🌑1. Set your goal and the subject

What is your biggest concern about your voice? What is “the best voice” you would imagine and wish for?? And how does it feel like when you have it??? Set your final goal to achieve. Then it leads to the actual subject that you work on, through this workshop.

For example, if you have a problem with speaking in the daily life, like people don’t understand what you say, it must be a big anxiety. Then you probably don’t even like your voice. In this case, the best situation (the goal) would be that your voice reaches the target clearly, without big efforts, you have smooth conversation, no anxiety, then, in the end maybe you can even like your voice. The subject would be to say “hi” to other person (your groupwork partner) or some trial to talk to your partner.

For another example. Let’s say you want to scream brutally, but your voice gets worn out after 5 minutes, then maybe the scream doesn’t sound cool. It must be a big anxiety if you cannot perform as you wish, or possibly even not as good as you usually do actually. The goal would be that you can scream smoothly without any damage, sounding brutal. In this case, the subject would be to scream as you like.

🌑🌑2. Repetition of trials
*main part / groupwork
Trial of your subject
Feedbacks from 3 different perspectives (Your ear / Other people / The video)
Adjustment and retrial based on the feedbacks.

The trial is the best way to practice. Nothing happens unless you try. Many people are scared of failure but you can try anything at anytime during this workshop. Of course you would fail sometimes. But failure is an important process of evolution. You can analyse the failure to extract the essence that what and how you can change for the next trial. And this process is accelerated a lot by both, taking and giving decent, flat feedbacks not only from/to the trainer but also from/to other trainees who are also working on the voice from other point of view. There are a few points to give good feedbacks. Giving feedback to others requires/helps you to fully understand and sort about the subject. The repetition of trials with decent feedbacks is the fastest way to reach the goal.

🌑🌑Following exercises
*I will teach something new to those who already attended in the past.
There are some practical exercises help your steps towards your each goal as below for example:
🌑Body scanning (To subject your body)
🌑State scanning (Body, mind, etc) connected with your voice
🌑Stretches for breathing muscles
🌑Stretches for body connection
🌑Actions with necessity
🌑Specification of the target (Voice with necessity)
etc etc…

I do teach, but my way is just one of the theories in the world I reached. There is nothing like the only “the true answer” which can be applied universally to anybody at any occasion. My way is set for, and built from myself. It can help you but still it is one of the samples you can refer to. It is you who find your answers that your body knows. Body-voice method helps you in several different ways to reach the method of your own.

🌑🌑🌑Kazehito Seki
is an amplified voice artist, noise musician, voice trainer, etc, from Tokyo.
Voiz set is played just with 1 or 2 microphone/s with NO electronic FX. Working on the sound produced from the vocal organ in broader and more concrete sense, relativises the existing interpretation of the “voice” (such as singing, talking, etc). The wide spectrum flickers in subtle ambience, intense silence and brutal harsh noise in a microsecond.
Self Toxication is another project that abstracts the “voice” forming into the sound deeper. The toxin over amplified in stereo channels feedbacking between soundsystem and the physicality (as the hardcore), cuts up himself messing up at the top speed of harsh noise.

Since 2006, Kazehito has been blasting his voice in numerous projects, bands with following keywords >>> cutups, drone, experimental, grind, noiserock, sadcore, sludge, “Voiz” choir, and collaborations with >>> butoh, installations, videofeedbacks, etc. Some of his past stages are listed as below: allEars (2018 / Oslo), Ende Tymes (2017 / NYC), MultiDOM (2016-17 / Over Europe), ART MEETING (2016, 14 / Fukushima), FRIV Festival (2016 / Poznań), MultiMadeira (2015 / Madeira), (LUFF2016, 15 / Lausanne), etc.

🌑🌑🌑How was it invented?
This unique method is invented by a voice master, William Tokuhisa. He has a thousand vocal techniques such as various types of throat singings (Tuvan, Mongolian, Sardinian, etc), the Voiz technique which enables human to produce harsh noise only with his/her voice (+ a microphone with PA), and etc.
The idea of Body-voice method is based not only on vocal techniques. It is derived also from broad studies about human perception, psychology, and body action, including an old philosophical Chinese martial arts called Hanshi Yiquan.

Kazehito met William in 2012. For 3 years, William has taught him the simplest and uniquest method.
Even Kazehito did use to scream himself hoarse from time to time. But after he mastered the method, his voice never fails him. Since then, Kazehito has been teaching and always updating the method with the latest feedbacks and discoveries. His career which started in the Tokyo underground sonic ghetto culture, and now which is in the worldwide frontline of the real underground (=non-commercial) scene, make his lesson highly practical and detailed.

The Body-voice method is not only for singers. It is for anything regarding the voice such as, to touch the audience efficiently, to make a good speech, to scream brutally, just to like your voice better, or of course to sing beautifully, etc… It gives you a chance to subject yourself through the voice. It did change Kazehito’s life.

I speak English or Japanese.

240 minutes.

Maximum / Minimum number of trainees
Maximum: 10 / Minimum: 1

Recommended 500 NOK
Name your price in between 30 - 100 NOK

🌑🌑🌑What do trainees need to prepare
🌑A video camera to shoot yourself vocalising (A smartphone is fine)
🌑Pen and paper for taking notes
🌑Comfortable outfits (sporty ones are best)
🌑Some drinks or snacks
🌑Your final goal about your voice, and a subject you practice repeatedly during the workshop.

*Feel free to take a rest / go to toilet whenever you need during the workshop.
Please help yourself to maintain your concentration.

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