15/6 The Mighty JAH Observer (JA)


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After last years great session at Hausmania flerbrukshall, Austin “Spiderman”
Palmer returns again for a crucial session you can’t miss!

The Mighty Jah Observer original valve sound system is a family sound and a
legend of the roots and culture scene. First named Tippertone and played mainly
lovers rock in the beginning. As the members got older and adapted a more
conscious awareness of life, this also reflected in their music. Jah Observer
was one of the veteran sounds at Nottinghill carnival and the first reggae
soundsystem to play at punk music festivals.

After being active in the UK soundsystem scene for more than 40 years, Austin
and wife Tracey decided to move back to Jamaica, now living a farmers life in Clarendon
and occasionally playing at Kingston Dub Club. Roots lovers all over the world
still want The Mighty JAH Observer to entertain the crowd and we are honored to
welcome Austin back to Oslo.

Expect strictly vinyl selection with serious vibes and dubplates from some of
the best producers in reggae history!

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Make it a date and don’t be late!!!


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